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Announcement - World Wine Tourism day - November 8th 2020

As expected, due to the pandemic, the celebration of the "World Wine Tourism Day" into the wineries of the network "Wine Roads of Northern Greece", on November 8th, will not take place this year.

We strongly hope all of us, soon, to be able without any difficulties and restrictive measures to visit our beautiful wineries and enjoy the wonderful experiences of wine tourism.


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Join & Enjoy the International Xinomavro Day 2020 on Sunday November 1st

The "International Xinomavro Day" has been officially established with great success since last year (2019)! On Sunday, November 1st, 2020, the dominant red wine grape variety from Northern Greece celebrates the world wine map.

In recent years, the Greek wine industry has made significant efforts and great leaps in producing quality wines, enhancing the brand, and improving the image of the Greek vineyard both in Greece and abroad.

As a result, the indigenous varieties can be adopted by conscious consumers and true wine connoisseurs worldwide, like all the other international varieties.

The Association "Winemakers of North Greece" recognizes the charismatic "Xinomavro," as it holds the top rank among the Greek varieties. Thus, it has been decided to establish the "International Xinomavro Day" to promote the noble variety worldwide. 

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Xinomavro: The Greek "ambassador variety"

Xinomavro is the noblest, indigenous, red variety from the vineyards of Northern Greece. Its name is descriptive and comes from a combination of the words sour (Xino -ksino-) and black (mavro). It is cultivated mainly in mountainous areas in Macedonia, north-central Greece, and the neighboring northern Thessaly.

It produces highly structured wines with distinctive style and character, quality, and long-term aging potential as a multi-dynamic variety. It also offers a full range of wines, red, rosé, white (blanc de noir), from dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, fresh and matured, semi-sparkling, sparkling or sweet (Vin de liqueur) and spirits too. We can find it both in varietal wines and blends as it can combine harmoniously with other indigenous and international varieties.

Besides, Xinomavro is one of the four Ambassador grape varieties of Greek wine, Assyrtiko, Moschofilero, and Agiorgitiko.

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